Bob Ware (7 Apr 2011)
"Circle of Jesus Christ and 6.21.2011"


‘Circle of Jesus Christ’ and 21 June 2011


The circumference of the circle in the diagram below equals 3 x 2368 (the Greek gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’). The sum of the unique ‘leap-year/twin-prime’ cluster of years from 1996 to 2000 is 9990. 9990 is sum of the gematrias for both the Hebrew and Greek alphabets including all their finals. The center of this cluster of years occurred at midnight on 7.2.1998. In the diagram below I started counting the days around the circumference of the circle from midnight 7.2.1998. I made the passing of each day equal each unit of measurement around the circle. 2368 units/days from 7.2.1998 was 12.26.2004. 12.26.2004 was the date of the earthquake and tsunami that killed approximately 250,000 people. 12.26.2004 plus an additional 2368 days will be 6.21.2011 - the Summer Solstice.


When each 120 degree arc of a circle equals the Greek gematria of 'JESUS CHRIST' (2368) the chord connecting the ends of each arc is 1958. 1958 x 1.618 (golden ratio) = 3168 > the Greek gematria of 'LORD JESUS CHRIST'.


When 2368 is the diagonal of a rectangle and the long side is 1958 then the short side is 1332 (2 x 666). 7 breastpiece stones total 2368 and the sum of the gematrias of the remaining 5 stones is 1332. In my diagram below I have drawn a dark blue circle which perfectly fits between this rectangle with a diagonal of 2368 and the top of the circle. The diameter of this dark blue circle is 364 (363.955). 364 is the composite number gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’ as derived from its Greek spelling. The circumference of this blue circle is 1143. 1143 is the sum of the ASCII codes for ‘Jesus Christ’. I have also drawn a dark purple circle between the bottom of this rectangle and the bottom of the circle. The circumference of this circle is: 2 x 888 (the Greek gematria of ‘JESUS’). The date that fell at the bottom of this circle is 3.24.2008. This was 1544 days since 1.1.2004 (the date at the center of the ‘Circle of Time’). 1544 is the sum of the ASCII codes for ‘Lord Jesus Christ’.


The length of the 240 degree arc in this diagram equals: 4736 (2 x 2368). The Greek roster number for ‘HARPAZO’ is 726. 401 is the combined gematrias of the ‘Aleph’ and ‘Tav’ at the center of Genesis 1:1. 4736 minus 726 equals 10 x 401.


5760 + 2368 equals the fourth perfect number (8128). The circumference of the circle below equals: 7104 (3 x 2368). 7104 minus 4 x 726 equals 4200. 6.21.2011 will be the 4200th inclusive day since the Winter Solstice of 5760 (12.22.1999).


The sum of the 96th to 103rd consecutive prime numbers is 4200. The center two prime numbers in this set of eight is the twin-prime pair located at the south point of the ‘Prime Cross’: 521 and 523. 523 is the sum of the trinity reductions for the Greek gematria of ‘JESUS’ (888 yields 153) and ‘CHRIST’ (1480 yields 370).


The sum of the 44 consecutive composite numbers from the 48th to the 91st is 4200. The sum of the elementary particles in the 93rd to the 104th elements is also 4200. At the center of these two sets of values is the 92nd position. The 92nd prime number is at the center of the ‘Prime Cross’. This 92nd prime number is 467. 467 is the sum of three different gematrias for ‘God’: 86 Hebrew + 99 prime + 282 ASCII. Lincoln served 467 days more than JFK.


When a piano is tuned to the equal tempered scale the sum of the frequencies of the first 40 keys ending with middle ‘C’ is 4199. 12.22.1999 plus 4199 days will be 6.21.2011. The frequency of A5 is 880. The octal number string ‘4200’ equals the hexadecimal number string ‘880’. ‘4200’ octal plus 880 decimal equals ‘5760’ octal. Again, from the Winter Solstice of the Jewish year 5760 (12.22.1999) to 6.21.2011 will be 4200 inclusive days.


It was still 3.10.2011 in the USA when the 9.0 earthquake struck Japan. It will be 72 days from 3.10.2011 to 6.21.2011. There are 2 x 864 hours in 72 days. 864 is the gematria of ‘JERUSALEM’ and also ‘SAINTS’. 864 is the sum of the twin-prime pair (431 and 433) at the north point of the ‘Prime Cross’. 433 is the eighth Star of David number. The sum of the twin-prime pairs at the north (864) and south (523) points of the ‘Prime Cross’ is 1908. The Tunguska Blast occurred on 6.30.1908. 1908 is the gematria of the first 18 letters of Genesis 1:1. The prime factoring of 72 is: 2^3 x 3^2. 2332 is the Hebrew roster number for ‘EVE’ – the bride of the first Adam.


The sum of the 57th to the 70th prime numbers is 4200. The last day of the Jewish religious year 5770 was 4.4.2011. 4.4.2011 to 6.21.2011 will be 78 days. The sum of the 56 composite numbers in the range of: 1 to 78 is 2368. The sum of the remaining 22 prime numbers in this same range is 713. 713 is the prime number gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’.


5.14.2011 will be the 63rd anniversary of Israel’s rebirth. From 12.22.1999 to 5.14.2011 will be 4162 inclusive days. There are 4162 elementary particles in the 33rd to the 59th elements: 1242 protons + 1242 electrons + 1678 neutrons. As I wrote above, the 93rd to the 104th elements have a total of 4200 elementary particles: 1182 protons + 1182 electrons + 1836 neutrons. 1242 + 1182 equals: 2424 which is the Greek roster number for ‘JESUS’. The exact average sum of the elementary particles in these two continuous sets of elements is 4181. 4181 is the sum of the Greek (3168) and prime (1013) number gematrias for ‘LORD JESUS CHRIST’. The four sides of a square within a circle with a circumference of 4181 are 941. 941 is the fourth corner of the ‘Prime Cube’. The sum of all four corners of the ‘Prime Cube’ is 2010. The Gregorian year 2010 spanned the majority of the Jewish civil year 5770.


If I am still here, I will be watching 5.14.2011 and then 6.21.2011 for Jesus to return for His bride.