Bob Ware (1 Apr 2011)
"Geometry linking 1958 Lituya Bay earthquake and Jesus Christ to Palm Sunday (4.17.2011)"

The gematrias of Jesus Christ are all over this diagram. Way too many to be coincidental.
When each 120 degree arc of a circle equals the Greek gematria of 'JESUS CHRIST' (2368) the chord connecting the ends of each arc is 1958.
        1958 x 1.618 (golden ratio) = 3168 > the Greek gematria of 'LORD JESUS CHRIST'.
When 2368 is the diagonal of a rectangle and the long side is 1958 then the short side is 1332.
        7 breastpiece stones total 2368 > the gematria of the remaining 5 total 1332 (2 x 666).
The Lituya Bay Alaska 7.7 earthquake happened on 7.9.1958. The earth shifted 23 feet and produced a 1700 foot high tsunami.
        From 7.9.1958 to 4.16.2011 will be 2 x 23 x 419 days. 419 is the prime number gematria of 'CHRIST'.
        419 x 666 equals the sum of all 305 prime numbers in the range of: 1 to 2010 (the 'Prime List').
        79 is the 23rd prime number and the first corner of the 'Prime Cube'.
        The 79th element is gold and Alaska is famous for its gold rush period in history.
        Nisan 13 (1.13) begins at sunset on 4.16.2011. Palm Sunday is 4.17.2011.
        113 is the first point of the 'Prime Cross'.
A line connecting the red and blue stone numbers 161 in the 'Genesis 1:1 Pyramid' passes through blue stone number 2011 at precisely 4.17.2011.
9 breastpiece stones have a total gematria equal to the gematria of Genesis 1:1 ( 2701). The gematria of the remaining 3 stones is 999. From the Space Shuttle Columbia STS 107 disaster (2.1.2003) to 4.17.2011 will be 3 x 999 days.
Noah was told to enter the Ark seven days before the flood began. 4.17.2011 to Easter Sunday is seven days.