Bill Salus (22 Apr 2011)
"Families Under Fire - Prophecy Update Bill Salus & Don McGee"

Families Under Fire
This week on Prophecy Update Radio Bill Salus and guest Don McGee discuss the difficulties facing Christian households today. The family has become a high profile target by Satan and society. Bill and Don explore the roots of the problem and the dangers lying ahead. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have been replaced by lust, liberalism and post-modernism.

The Internet, television, and video games have become societies surrogate parents. The apostle Paul warned the days of disobedient children and dysfunctional families would arrive, and Don warns they have already come. Don Mcgee is the founder of Crown and Sickle Ministries

(Picture of Don Mcgee (left) and Bill Salus (right))

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