Barry Amundsen (30 Apr 2011)
"For Susan B, I can relate!"

Susan B,
I can so relate to your situation and what you are going through.
I shared here recently about my situation here where I have been asked to move from my rental home by the landlord and how impossible it looks. I have pets and my wife and I have very limited funds and income so every day that Jesus tarries is one more day that we have to live by faith. I have been hoping that the rapture will be our answer because if God had a place for us to move to, it certainly seems that he would have led us to it by now. But he has not even hinted in that direction but just tells us to not worry but do everyday things. Some friends and family are amazed that we are doing this but what else can we do? I too have been hanging on every word posted by Susan and Sabrina but unfortunately I never know just how to define the word "soon" as used by our Lord. For me soon means next week or sooner, laugh. But for Jesus that may mean as far as a whole year from now maybe, I just don't know. But like you, I don't have the luxury of biding my time if it is a whole year from now. I will admit that I got very discouraged after 4/21/11 went by and we are still here and Linda my wife said I have to stop letting this happen to me. When I listen to the Holy Spirit I feel that we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. Maybe this is why Jesus said not to take tomorrow's worries on today. Because today I am fine, it is only when I worry about tomorrow that I get in doubt.
Oh, I do hope his definetion of soon is like I hope, real soon!