Barry Amundsen (20 Apr 2011)
"Stan Freeman and Precious"

Hi Stan,
Thank you for sharing about your beloved pet going to heaven. I believe Precious is waiting for you and so are our other pets and animals from our lives.
We too have a (mini) dachshund named Molly who is 14 now and our other dogs are a 16 year old chihuahua, 15 year old Yorkie-pom and 12 year old other chihuahua. The Yorkie, though not the oldest is in the poorest health. He has to take a heart pill and lasix because his heart doesn't work so well anymore. Plus his eyes have clouded over and the poor boy can't see where he is going. (The picture, if John wants to put it up, is when they were young.)
Our landlord where we rent half of this split-level house and the fenced (which I put up years ago) in yard gave us notice on Feb 3 saying that they will be needing us out and gave us the 60 days plus said he understands if we need more time. I have lived here for 20 years now and was married to Linda last November. When we announced our wedding plans they delayed asking us to leave at that time or else we would have been asked even sooner. Thank God for that providence. When we were hit with this news we of course began to pray and wait on God for what He wanted us to do and to our surprise He kept saying not to worry and not to even look for another place. When we did look all we found were either scams or else prices so high for what you get it just was crazy. We are in the San Diego area and I moved here into my friend's house where he grew up when he was moving out and I have always paid a very low rent because of our relationship and because I do a lot of the work and upkeep here. (The landlord is my friend's dad whom I've always had a good relationship with as well.) Well, this coupled with our animals ages and situation was just so hard to bear the thought of moving anyplace. We dreaded the thought of having to part with any of them or putting any of them to sleep. But I really believe that God is not going to make us have to see that because we are going to be raptured that soon.
I have always been a rapture watcher for many years but these last months have been especially so because of all this. We prayed that if ever the day would come when Buddy, the Yorkie should go to heaven that God would make it as easy on us as possible because I knew that it would be very difficult. We are still in this house and have not packed one box but the landlord is not pressuring us to get out and has told me that he understands the situation and he is a Christian and said he will be praying for God's will for us and help us however he can. He also is looking for the rapture but it is his Buddhist wife who wants our place...
Anyway, I have refrained up to now to share any of this with the Doves but your sharing about your little Precious made me want to respond with words of encouragement that I believe we are so close to our going to heaven that all these things will be taken care of. In the natural we look like we have lost our minds by not trying to get a place but God has made it clear that we are not to look. It has not been easy but we are going to trust Him and not what we see hear and feel in the natural.
We also have three cats, and three hens named Shirley, Goodness and Mercy, (because they follow me all over the yard when I go out there).
See you all soon!
Barry Amundsen