Amy (16 Apr 2011)
"Rapture Dream"

Dear John and Doves,
I have been reading five doves for a couple of years now and consider myself one of you.  But this is my first post.  I just felt like this rapture dream I had on April 12, 2011 at 5:05 am had to be shared:
        My husband and I were standing in a great crowd.  It was night time and I am not really sure what country we were in.  There was a small boy who I did not know standing on my left side.  He had dark hair.  He started to point to the sky and the crowd began to look at a “sign” in the sky.  I somehow knew that there were going to be 2 signs: one bad and one good.  The bad sign in the sky passed quickly.  Then almost immediately the good sign came.  It was doves in the sky writing a message with fire that left smoke lines of words behind.  It looked like when an airplane writes a message in the sky but it had flames on the ends of each letter.  The message in the sky said, “He is coming.”  I immediately knew that it meant the rapture and so I started pleading the blood of Jesus and so did my husband.  Then I felt myself being lifted up into the sky, flying chest first into the clouds.  It was so awesome!
        I have had several rapture dreams.  But this one was extraordinary.  I could hardly breathe!  And after I woke up, I could physically feel the presence of the Holy Spirit for about 30 minutes.
Later, I read Amanda’s post and I couldn’t help but wonder if the boy I “saw” in the dream was her son.  I do not know.  But what I do know is that Jesus is coming in His perfect timing.  Let us all be ready to meet our Savior in the air whatever day He comes for us!
Welcome to the Doves, Amy!