Amy (1 Apr 2011)
"Maybe Firstfruits"

- From Amy

While reading the writings of Jeremiah
Daniel prophesied of the very year
That Messiah would come and present Himself
'Twas Palm Sunday, to the sounds of great cheer!
Jesus' disciples could not quite then understand
When He said that He soon must die
They thought He would set up His kingdom right there
They could not fathom the reason why
That He willingly died. He took upon Himself sin,
For death was the only just payment ~
"The Just for the unjust," so that we could be clothed
With His Righteousness ~ His Holy, White Raiment!

On Easter Sunday, we rejoice and we celebrate
Christ's victory over sin and death
We offer Him praise, and we glorify Him
Along with everything that has Breath!
Be informed of God's purpose and plan for the future,
Prophecy is examined for this very reason
We may not be able to know "the day nor the hour"
But surely, we're aware of the *season!
The signs Jesus gave, and the clues brought by John,
Those of Daniel and Ezekiel ~ tell of "the earthly"
While the Mysteries revealed by Apostle Paul
Tell of Our Heavenly destiny!

"In Christ" is our Hope, thus we don't fear "Destruction"
Saying "Peace and Safety" will not halt its arrival
Possessing Christ's Life, by grace through faith alone,
Is the only means of survival!
He is preparing a place to "catch away" His Bride
It's a fact that no one need miss
Yea, "Christ is the 'Firstfruits' of the Resurrection
And afterward, they that are His!"
Just maybe, on this 'Firstfruits' will be our translation
(This year, 23/24 of April ~ 19/20 Nisan :) )
If we don't see you before That Day dawns,
Because of Christ, we can see you in Heaven!
Posted on Five Doves March 1, 2008 (with minor changes)
*season - mow'ed - set appointment/set feast/set festival [only 3]
(Daniel 8:19, 11:27, 11:35 "the end shall be at the time appointed";
Acts 17:31NASB "He has FIXED A DAY in which He will judge the world
in righteousness through a Man whom He has appointed, having furnished
proof to all men by raising Him from the dead.")
FF - YK = 1260 days (in 2011-2014)
YK - N1 = 1260 days (in 2014-2018)
Total = 2520 days (FF - N1 in 2011-2018)
I hope to post more details about this idea, soon...