Amanda (8 Apr 2011)
"For:  Michael Colunga"

Hello Michael,

Just wanted to stop and say I just read your post to Matt regarding my son and it made me smile this morning!  Thank you for your very sweet words.  

What I find so amazing is the Lord is telling Jeffrey the same timing for the rapture.  The Lord keeps nudging to me when I ask "you know".  Sometimes I think if the Lord could He would come down here and possibly lovingly shout to me saying "Amanda, I have told you and you just have some faith!"

What He has been saying to me is "spring" and the month of "May".  Also the biggest key clue message from Him was when I asked would the rapture happen in 2010 or 2011, He answered with "11".  So spring, May and 11 is NOW!!!

In Him,