Amanda (7 Apr 2011)


I read your post and smiled because how amazing for a 3-yr-old to feel the Lord in such a strong way! Thanks for your post to me.


I read your post too and thank you for the heads up about the devil.  I often question when I hear Jesus speak.  Truly by now I know His voice but that old devil can creep in and make you think something different.  My son was yes a little scared but in a good way.  Me at the age of 31 can get a little frightened when I will hear something.  It was his very first time too so he was a little confused was it God and truly amazed at the same time.  I posted another post "I am coming in the spring" because he went to bed the very next night and prayed with more confidence to not be scared and he said he did not feel scared but he heard Jesus speak again to him the same way with his stomach with that "feeling".  Thanks for your concern but the Lord is telling Jeffrey the SAME exact words He will give me......that's how I know its JESUS!!