Amanda (5 Apr 2011)
"More words from the Lord"

Hello all,

This is just so amazing.  I have the chills typing this and have been in awe since because His messages are just that much sweeter when it comes from a child.  Sunday morning while driving to church my son, Jeffrey who is 9 years old said He asked Jesus is his dream Saturday night (4/2) if the rapture is going to happen in 2011 and he said Jesus made his head go up and down for YES!  He asked Jesus other questions too unrelated and Jesus either made his head go up and down or side to side for no.  This is my son who a few weeks back asked Jesus in prayer in his head while riding in his dad's truck if the rapture is going to happen in 2011 to give him a sign to see a deer.   Seconds later his dad said "look at that deer".    Now I felt when Jesus made his head go up and down its almost like His Holy Spirit came over him to feel that!!!!

So last night (4/3) I said to Jeffrey how about tonight in your dream or praying ask Jesus the season.  I went downstairs from putting him to bed and about 5 minutes later he came running down scared saying he felt something in his stomach.  I asked what's wrong and he said when he prayed he asked Jesus which season and he felt a wierd feeling in his stomach and then the word "SPRING" popped in his head.  Jeffrey so confused was amazed, sort of scared too.  I told him don't be scared that's Jesus speaking to you and you feel His Holy Spirit.  I told him the same thing happens to me.  

I feel the Lord just confirming to even me who He has already said....SPRING.  

People all of you out there that are reading this...this is it not 2012 not 2015 ITS NOW!  I have not told Jeffrey really how close the rapture was going to be.  I did tell him soon Jesus is coming but also did not want to scare him.   There little minds can only understand so much but apparently Jesus feels Jeffrey can handle knowing telling him.

Love to you all, I can not wait to meet all that I have been pouring my heart out to and His messages!!!