Amanda (28 Apr 2011)
"For:  Matthew Park-#21...spring rapture "11"!!!!"

First of all, thank you for posting your amazing vision from an angel.  Absolutely amazing all that you saw and the date you were given.  I understand what you say when the Lord gives you such a vision.  You can't make it happen or how long it lasts.  I, myself, have had a few visions.  They just happen.  Please keep being a trumpeter because all here on doves are reading and listening!

p.s.  The Lord has showed me in a quick vision the #21 and when I ask the Lord to give me something to hold onto, He has answered with "21".  He is telling me its a "spring" rapture and when I have asked the year which I did last March 2010, He said "11".  Truly, feel in my heart we are out of here soon.