Amanda (19 Apr 2011)
"To:   Jennie and Danny--"No man knows the day""

Jennie and Danny,

I read your posts and I get where your coming from.  I also know I have heard some preachers preach that the verses of "no man knows the day and hour" was Jesus talking about the day He steps foot on Mount Olives.  

Please know that I'm a follower of the Lord and saved and I only serve Him.  I'm probably the most skeptical of testing the spirits!  

If 2011 passed by without the rapture I have said it before I will be down on my hands and knees crying, asking for His discernment.  Jesus back in 2008 warned me to "guard myself from theories that are around me".  So He knows we are being fulled by the devil in many ways.  We will see April 21 is only 3 days from now!  

Alot of dates have been posted here whether people have said they were told and the dates have passed.  I'm not trying to claim to know it all, just a humble servant of His.  

Watching and waiting,