Amanda (18 Apr 2011)
"For:  Alain"


I read your post on Saturday and I understand being skeptical or hesitant about an EXACT date.  I, myself, would probably second guess myself if I heard Him say a date.  Maybe that's why the Lord never told me.  He just said "its close" to April 21-22 when I asked Him.  I truly thought May.  I do know for sure He has told me spring for the season and when I asked last March 2010 was He coming in 2010 or 2011, He answered with "11".  I believe and trust His voice that the rapture will happen in spring of this year.  My son asked Jesus the season and He told him "spring" also.  Double confirmation for me.  Then Jeffrey asked the month and He told him April 21.  I am awaiting and feeling anxious.  

I do know the Lord has laid upon my heart that His children should know the timing.  That He will be using us to relay His messages.  I feel His Holy Spirit on me right now.  I just know He wants me to spread His word.

In Him,