Amanda (16 Apr 2011)
"For Josua, regarding "how to be ready""


Just wanted to stop and say how beautiful and encouraging your post was about how we can be ready.  Alot of it was very helpful.  The part about how you struggled with your sin was amazing that you opened up about it which when we have sin we are more ashamed of it's so hard to look at it and admit it and then change.  Good for you....the Lord loves your heart and honesty!  

I'll tell you I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour when I was 7 and then felt I needed to re-commit myself to Him and die to that sinning life I lead from about 13 to 18.  From disobeying my parents, to drinking, boys, parties etc....I was running down a dead end road and the Lord got a hold of me when I was 19 and said its time to get real!  I really have fallen in love with Him since and have never let go and have only gotten close to Him each day until now.  So looking forward to seeing my Saviour!!

Thanks for your wonderful post,