Amanda (16 Apr 2011)
"For all Doves regarding the #21 & Jason Seabolt"


I remember back in 2009 the Lord showing me in a quick flash vision in my mind the #21.  Also, I asked the Lord feeling so impatient for the rapture to come and I said please give me something to hold onto and He answered with "21".  So I'm just guessing that stands for April 21.  Before I was thinking May 21.  

Does anyone remember a post regarding "Sky Blue 21"???? Maybe that's tied together with the rapture date.  

For Jason:  I read your post on 4/15 and I had no idea from the beginning of this year until April 21 is 111 days...that's pretty cool.  

I'm feeling anxious like I need to get so much done before April 21st.  They are probably not important things but our human minds can just race and race..right?

p.s.  On April 14th, in the evening, the Lord laid upon my heart during doing things (awake) "tornado".  I thought to myself...oh no!  Today the news said some deathly tornados ripped through Oklahoma and some other states!  I think they happenned right after or not to far from Him telling me.  

He definetely speaks to me usually one worders but powerful they are!

Love you all and will let you know when I hear ANYTHING!