Amanda (13 Apr 2011)

Hello all doves,

I have to be faithful and write what the Lord has told my son, Jeffrey on the night of April 11.  He knows the Lord told him the season which is "SPRING".   So Jeffrey wanted to know the month.  (How amazing a 9-yr-old wanting to know such deep things!)  So he has been wanting to know but hesitant to ask but felt during his last few prayers to the Lord the Lord saying to him nudging him to ask.  So last night, April 11, he asked and he ran down to me to say the Lord told him the month and EVEN THE DAY.  So, I almost shocked, asked okay almost a little scared because I know its the Lord speaking to him.  So I asked when and he said the Lord told him APRIL 21.  He also said the Lord has been saying that date to him for a good week during the day while he's at school.  I'm watching now for April 21.  I was in a huge May 2011 watch but the Lord is throwing a fast one on me.  (My ways aren't His... that verse He layed upon my heart this morning during praying).

Doves, this is in one week from this Thursday!  I'm ready but our human minds can only race and race!!!!!!   I love you all and wanted to post what the Lord is saying to my son.  I love Jeffrey's child-like faith because he just says this is what Jesus said with no doubts of faith (unlike his mommy).  I have the butterflies right at this moment and want to scream Jesus is coming!!!!

Love you all,