Amanda (1 Apr 2011)
"Words from Him & a prayer for Leigh"

Hello all,

Last night during prayer I asked Him if the rapture would happen on April 21-22 like Ron Reese asked us to ask Him.  He answered with "ITS CLOSE".  So it may not be those dates but REALLY CLOSE TO IT.  This morning while awaking (March 31) He laid upon my heart "Noah and his family".  Also last night I asked about judgements coming here in the US and He said "tsunami".  

Just from His many clues to the timing and what He has said to me (11 and spring), I don't see being here after May.  Getting excited and anxious.  

Leigh I will be praying for you and your heartbreaking turmoil family problems.  It seems the days we are so close to Him coming families everywhere are being attacked by the devil.  

A prayer for you...Lord keep your hand on Leigh and her family.  Lord ease her pain with your peace.  She has been a servant for you so please let her know just how soon your coming.  Amen.