1 Cor 10:31 (30 Apr 2011)
"in some parts of the country...."

it's still VERY DIFFICULT to find work!!!
Anyway, please take at least a moment & pray for my freind, "Bobbie", who lives in rural part of the country with her crippled husband -- and she needs work DESPERATELY!!!!!    She's been out pounding pavement, no leads -- took one resume'  to a place only to get there & find they had locks on their doors.
She cries a lot -- totally depressed.  
Her DH does not even rec. any kind of disability assistance AT ALL.  He once started getting it, then the gov't took it back ~ only b/c doctors could not come up with a firm diagnosis for his daily seizures!!!    {She thinks it's HEAT RELATED from when he used to work at the power plant.}
And she does not get unemployment from last job either (maybe cuz it was a mom-pop operation...??)   Not sure.
Anyway, told her I'd put you on the task of praying, if you don't mind, I know she'd greatly appreciate being remembered & she just needs something to open up in a very desperate way!!   I've "known her" (thru' email ~ we "met" all those years ago at RR)  so I've known Bobbie for a good long time.
Like us, she is SOOOO longing for Jesus to come soon!!!!
Thanks Doves..... thanks for understanding & for praying for them.  I believe prayer warriors will rec. a special reward in the BEMA as it shows we care about our fellow brothers & sisters in Christ.