1 Cor 10:31 (30 Apr 2011)
"Pablo, Barry A & Michael Colunga:  my thoughts, & BE SENSITIVE please!!"

Hi Guys,
While I know you all *meant well* with your posts about suicide & what will happen to people when they stand before God after having done that.... 
I know you, Michael, not sure if you others were aware that Kristy Bridges (poster here)  wrote that her husband just took his own life here very, very recently!!!  And so, while some were merely posting prayers & thoughts towards her & her family; others may not have been aware of that & perhaps see it as time to start up "the same ol' debate".
I know you mean well towards those who are in search of truth, and I know which side of the debate my own thoughts fall on as well, [hopefully on the Biblical side]  but I just wondered if RIGHT NOW was the best time to be discussing this?   I'm sure Kristy has thought of all these things herself, but right now she's got her hands full just trying to get through one day ~ even ONE HOUR at a time!!  Burying her husband....and dealing with a MOUNTAIN of grief which does not end & then "life back all to tidy & normal" like a Leave it to Beaver show ~ this will go on forever!!  Add to that,  helping take care of her son, and carrying on about life as best she can....   She can definitely use the prayerful support right now -- instead of Christians allowing this to turn into another argument.   So I'm merely asking that we all be SENSITIVE towards this, and towards her.
Thing is, no one can ever know what a suicidal person was thinking in his or her last moments.  IMHO, it's not *always* a premeditated thing; I very much think that drugs ~ YES, even PRESCRIPTION DRUGS can cause such severe side effects in a person that it can bring on suicidal thoughts.  Even though we know that suicide is wrong, I've known people to get suicidal thoughts just from something "as simple" as antibiotics Z-pack.
Let's all keep telling the truth ~ but please be kind & sensitive when someone is hurting so deeply & in a way that most of us could never begin to imagine.
I know you care about that! 
Thank you