1 Cor 10:31 (16 Apr 2011)
"Re:  JENNIE, Barry Admundsen, fitful nights of sleep"

I did not get to read YOUR letter the other day (read as many as time permits) but I did just read Barry's reply to you & I'd add a hearty amen ~ if you do not KNOW anything in your home that may be "against" God ~ then PRAY!!!   Because He will lead you to find out!!    And then be MORE THAN WILLING to part with it.
I had an email bud from Tel Aviv who once sent me a dreamcatcher ~ then Christian friends reminded me that "those are evil" ~ so I did not hesitate --into the trash it went!!  No regrets ~ no looking back!!   I've also trashed candles, Stash tea, Yazo tea, Starbucks coffee, a round wreath -- these were things that while perhaps not evil in themselves ~ may've been "prayed over" by satanists, and the Holy Spirit directed me to get rid of these things.
I wanted to present yet another possibility.  The Lord has led me to study natural health by means of nutrition ~ now I've had to do it for some of my own personal health woes.  {Should you ever do this though -- be aware that stubborn, mule-headed family members would by far rather go by what "medical doctors" who ahem, "PRACTICE" medicine... have to say!   And thus, they put their own lives at stake by taking chemo, and dying from that!! ~ etc.....  and refuse to listen to anything about natural means....  okay, ..... "rabbit trail" there ~ sorry about that!  heh!}
Nonetheless, with your situation -- it made me think how DYES in processed foods are really affecting ppl in these days!!   For me it was CHEESE!!!!   (yes, there's DYE in cheese!)
I made a homemade pizza the other night -- big mistake of loading it down with Kraft colby cheese (ah -- looks so scrumptious in that pretty package!!) ~ but remember, the fruit LOOKED GOOD to Eve that day, too!!   Anyway, a day or two later -- and I felt I just wanted to JUMP OUT OF MY SKIN!!!!!  
It was like a panic attack -- I couldn't seem to calm it down even with magnesium.   I was like that for 2 days and prayed for healing.  Then.... remembered about the cheese....
Okay, so not only the dyes in food ~ but also NITRATES in processed meats can EASILY cause nighttime problems ~ nightmares, fitful sleep, etc.  This may include bacon, bologna, pepperoni, hot dogs...... basically ANYTHING with nitrates!!    If you have a health food store anywhere near your area & can afford to shop for organic foods, then you can buy great-tasting bacon with NO NITRATES!!!   ......please use a search engine for more info about the dangers of chemicals in processed foods......
I realize not everyone can afford to buy organic all the time but I also tend to think that if we truly want to take better care of "our temples" then the Lord can definitely provide a way!!   Maybe we can cut back just a bit in another area to help things balance out....  
Another interesting site I just came across is www.100daysofrealfood.com
And this is a good one:  http://www.naturalnews.com/019417.html    Here's a snippet from it: 
People have no idea what they're really eating. They think it's normal to have blueberry bagels made with antifreeze. That's one of the ingredients in blueberry bagels, and you can find it right there listed on the package. Look for polypropylene glycol. That's antifreeze. You can find other foods made with car wax. There's actually carnauba wax in foods, and people think that's completely normal. There are petroleum chemicals in foods in the form of artificial colors, and people think that's normal too.
Me, I really honestly think that those who practice in the realm of food science & such..... KNOW about these things!!  And yet, are more than willing to kill us anyway! ~ and to MAKE US SICK, SICK, SICK until we die!!
Jennie & others:  best to you!